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Class Descriptions

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

The key to a good future in massage therapy is licensing and certification. Hawaii Massage Academy should be your first choice for comprehensive classes on all types of massage therapy. From basic sports massages to techniques based on ancient Chinese healing, we make sure you know the ins and outs of proper therapy for your future clients. Contact Hawaii Massage Academy today in Honolulu, Hawaii, to speak with an instructor about taking your education to the next level.

This class is designated to satisfy all of the academic requirements to sit for the National Examination. It is packed with essential information and reviews the concepts, principles, and examination questions.

Lomilomi and Sports Massage

Lomilomi Massage was interwoven within the historic and ancient Hawaiian cultural, religious, and spiritual experience. During these classes, we will explore history, as well as practice and demonstrate the massage manipulations and techniques that make it unique.

Our Sports Massage classes prepare you to address basic needs of athletes with issues. Techniques will include trigger points, compression, friction, petrissage, stretching, and range of motion exercises. Many techniques are taught to enhance performance, to prevent injury, and to decrease time needed for the athlete to recover.

Seated, Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage, and Foot Reflexology

Seated Massage-When you become a student at Hawaii Massage Academy, you will learn a massage sequence using massage chairs that can be taken into the workplace. These manipulations are a combination of Shiatsu, Anma, and Swedish, that are performed with the client fully clothed.

Hawaiian Hot Stone Massage-When you become a student you will learn how pohaku is heated and integrated in an ancient massage sequence! In these classes you will discover how to open the Chakras of the body to the life force of the universe to enhance the experience with guided visualizations and exotic sounds.

Foot Reflexology-This reflexology is a specialized technique that focuses on the feet of individuals. Used as a healing art, foot massage has a far-reaching effect throughout the entire body. Hawaii Massage Academy will focus instruction on learning the various sequencing and hands-on manipulations techniques.

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