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Hawaii Cosmetology Academy

Hawaii Cosmetology Academy Program Overview

Hawai’i Cosmetology Academy is one of four privately run State of Hawai’i Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs licensed beauty schools on Oahu. Our school has been helping aspiring estheticians achieve licensure since 2008. We believe the gift of touch is sacred and must come from the heart. It is encapsulated in our vision, “The Gift of Caring.” This philosophy has been instrumental in our graduates realizing their dreams of serving the well-being of others through the application of esthetics and skin care.

Our esthetics program focuses on providing a complete esthetics instructional program that leads to licensure. We share our collective knowledge of esthetics in our six month basic program.

Aspiring estheticians must meet the following State of Hawai’i requirements for licensure:

Proof of having completed the education and training totaling 600 hours including:
  • Theory: 100 hours of basic theory instruction in all subjects including anatomy (circulatory system, skin, hair, and nails), physiology, skeletal and muscular systems, disorders of the skin, scalp and hair, product knowledge, chemistry, bacteriology, sanitation and sterilization;
  • Shop Management: 50 hours of instruction in hygiene and good grooming, visual poise, personality development, professional ethics, bacteriology, sterilization, sanitation, and State laws including labor and sanitation;
  • Unassigned: 75 hours of instruction in monitory duties and records, study, review and specialization;
  • Facial and Makeup: 175 hours of instruction in sanitation/sterilization, draping, theory of massage, facials/makeup, false lashes, hair removal, anatomy, cells, skin disorders, electricity, chemistry, eyelash application (individual and strip), lash and eyebrow tint;
  • Manicuring and Pedicuring: 150 hours of instruction in sanitation/sterilization, manicuring, the nail and disorders of the nail, theory of massage, the skin and disorders, anatomy, and chemistry.
Hawai’i Cosmetology Academy helps our aspiring students by offering the following program which exceed the State of Hawai’i minimum requirements:

PRO V: Esthetic (EST) Program
Prepares students for licensure in the State of Hawai’i through an aggressive, self-motivated, and fast-paced instructional program. Prepares students for the State of Hawai’i esthetic written exam.

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