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Phase II

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Phase II: 480 Hours of Practical Training

Hawaii Massage Academy is your massage therapy school of choice for that perfect and thorough education. Our goal is to teach you everything you need to know about helping patients relive pain, heal faster, and enjoy a greater overall well-being. Contact our massage therapist school today to register for Phase II classes.

This is the hands-on or clinical phase of the program at our massage therapist school. This phase starts the day after Phase I is completed.  All students must complete 17 weeks of consecutive training. Each week contains 5 training sessions, and each session must be 5 hours in duration. To provide some flexibility, you may choose which 5 days to train.

Clinical Operations and Advanced Techniques

In the clinical operations and advanced techniques phase of certification, training and licensing, you learn:        

Clinical Operation:
  • Sanitation (Application of DOH Regulations, Linens, & Towels) 
  • Office Procedures (Answering Phones, Taking Appointments, & Client Rapport)
  • Record Keeping
Advanced Techniques: 
  • Observation of Classroom Instructors & Consulting

Hands-on Supervised Massage

And last but not least, your Phase II practical training includes:         

 Hands-on Supervised Massage:   
  • Manipulations & Techniques Taught in Phase I    
  • Advanced Techniques Taught in Phase II
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